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Posted by cathedralofshit on March 31, 2011

Yesterday was a long day at CoS Towers. We spent it eating fried chicken and occasionally following the Guardian’s LIVE cuts blog and the Twitterometer in the corner. Our round-up is basically this: the visual arts team at ACE did a decent job. A number of the organisations who got cut have been fingered by us already for being dodgy (Proboscis, Afterall, International Curators Jollies etc) and it didn’t take a genius to work out that the two big RFOs to be shafted would be Iniva and the ICA – both of whom have had bucketloads of criticism in recent years. It looks like there’s some strategic re-thinking that’s happened and has been semi-smuggled in through the cuts – such as the retreat from cultural diversity. South London seems to have done all right. Expanding your gallery space (South London, Serpentine, Whitechapel) has been heavily rewarded.

A cut which has caused some lament is the total cut in funding to ArtSway – although it was always a bit puzzling what this organisation brought to local Hampshire art enthusiasts by doing a pavilion at the Venice Biennale every two years. That said, the total cut seemed draconian.

ACE have handled the day relatively well – although the one issue that has been fudged are those organisations who were not previously RFOs, who tried for funding this time round – and failed. This is the only part of the process that is being kept under wraps – although some organisations in other art forms, such as the Rose Theatre, have admitted this failure. The reticence on the part of Visual Arts organisations to ‘fess up to failure is understandable – after all organisations have previously not sent out press releases about grants they’ve failed to get – but it does mean that it’s difficult to accurately sketch the full nature of ACE’s strategy in re-thinking what they do and do not want to fund.

Okay we’re now tired of our one moment of doing semi-serious articles so we’ll be back soon with some crap about spotting Klaus Biesenbach in Mare Street’s Tesco. We’re off down the Joiners.

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Posted by cathedralofshit on March 22, 2011

Wednesday 30th March is the day when ACE make their announcements as to this year’s Big Lottery (or perhaps that should be bonfire) of publicly-funded arts organisations. As Sir Alex Ferguson would say it’s certainly “squeaky bum time” (and he wasn’t talking about gay sex here) for all your friends who work in those benighted galleries, magazines and half-baked organisations up and down the country who depend on ACE’s largesse to keep their ramshackle asses going. There are 189 visual arts organisations up and and down the country who have been happily splashing your cash. There’s probably about 20 more new ones who’ve applied so we reckon around 30 of the existing ones will be slashed (don’t ask how we calculated this; it involved a multi-sided Dungeons & Dragons dice and some left-over miaow-miaow).

Just in case Julie Lomax hasn’t got round to picking out names from a hat yet we thought we’d help! Our favourite RFO’s for the chop are:

International Curators Forum – “the open conceptual network” that gets in 50k but really just goes on jolly jaunts
Afterall – the tremendously boring art magazine that serves as an advertising brochure for CSM
Iniva – the tremendously boring and wildly expensive organisation that does culturally diverse stuff ignoring the fact that segregation is over and Mandela is out of jail.
International 3 – a commercial gallery who take part in international art fairs shouldn’t really be getting tax-payers cash
Leicester City Council – like WTF?
Serpentine Gallery – they’ve got enough cash
Spike Island – chippy Bristolians
The Otolith Group – erm, they aren’t really an arts organisation are they?

Anyhow, good luck to all and one! May the best woman win etc!

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