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Empire Estate Of Mind…

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 18, 2011

Hey guys, what are you all up to tonight? Cathedral of Shit have got their cropped tops, hot pants, glitter eyelids and false eyelashes for Alison Jacques perplexing disco-pop band Scissor Sisters-curated Mapplethorpe-influenced gig. Groovy!
Fresh from making oodles of cash by selling work from the estates of artists too dead to object, this show is in AJ’s spanking new Clark-Oiticica-Mapplethorpe-Wilke-supported space. Can’t wait! Get your disco on! Get on down! See you there, disco-freaks!

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Pressing release…

Posted by cathedralofshit on December 19, 2009

An extract from Alison Jacques Butzer Press release:

Although the recognisable motifs of popular culture and modern industrial production and slaughter, such as M&Ms, Henry Ford, Adolf Eichmann and Mickey Mouse are not as obviously discernible in the exhibition, their spirit is still very much in evidence.

Spirit of the holocaust! These Guido Baudach artists are even more pompous and stupid than the Junge Wilde painters of the 80s.

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