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Big Guns…

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 27, 2011

This from Art Newspaper…

Anita goes nuclear on her Finnish retreat
Published online 27 Jul 11
The London-based energetic art patronne and collector Anita Zabludowicz is expanding her empire with plans to open an “art park” on the remote island of Sarvisalo one hour east of Helsinki. Zabludowicz and her Finnish husband Poju will show works from their contemporary collection on the eleven sq. mile chunk of land, commissioning artists James Ireland and Richard Woods to create public art for this Finnish idyll. But the most intriguing project taking shape on Sarvisalo must be the humongous concrete nuclear bunker conceived by Matthew Day Jackon, star of Hauser & Wirth’s current London show (Savile Row, until 30 July). This apocalyptic art makes us think, however, that Anita knows something about world events that we don’t…

Well, her father in-law is an arms dealer so maybe she’s getting some info straight from the horses mouth? Batten down the hatches everyone, and build your own art bunker… I want Anish Mittal to make mine!

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Brothers In Arms II, The Sequel.

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 12, 2011

Good on the Lisson Gallery, Anish Kapoor, Patrick Brill and Mark Wallinger for highlighting Ai Wei Wei’s plight. It would possibly, however, also be an idea to highlight that Ai Wei Wei’s imprisonment is not some sort of one off as some of the reports mistakenly seem to imply. He is one of scores of activists who have been detained. Others include Li Xiongbing, the Beijing human rights lawyer who has been missing since last week and Zhang Jialing, a former journalist who covered the detention of Ai Weiwei and has ben missing since April 28th.And bloggers have also been banged up – for example Liang Haiyi and Ran Yunfei. China’s detention of Ai Wei Wei is, according to Amnesty Internaional’s Sam Zarifi, “part of a wider trend of repression of lawyers, writers and government critics” that seems to correlate to Chinese nerves over a repetition of the events of the Arab Spring happening in their back yard. Whilst somehave been released – such as the lawyers Tang Jitian and Jiang Tianyong, they have been warned not to talk about their time in their own incommunicado detentions. And their willingness to go along with these instructions suggests that these detentions were harrowing.

Another related point: will any of the galleries participating in Art Hong Kong, due to open later there this month, have a think about their presence there signifies? UK galleries slated to be there include Lisson, Simon Lee, Victoria Miro, Pilar Corrias and Sadie Coles whilst international galleries include Gavin Brown, Blum & Poe, Tanya Bonakdar, Chantal Crousel and Emmanuel Perrotin. Surely instead of museum’s shutting down for one day as Kapoor suggests, a refusal to hang works in their booths would be far more effective?

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Brothers in Arms…

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 12, 2011

Never content with taking a back seat when it comes to publicity for Lisson’s (or all, for that matter) artists, Anish Kapoor has come out asking the art world to unite against the powers that have imprisoned Ai Weiwei (WE ALREADY WERE).

Willing to go to any lengths to stay in the broadsheets, Kapoor has not only dedicated a sculpture from his new show to Ai, but has also been seen boarding a plane bound for Beijing holding what look like placards saying “I hate the Chinese Government”, and “Come and Have A Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough”.

All at Cathedral of Shit wish him well in his attempts to join Weiwei in the headlines prison. Now THAT’S solidarity….

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My best friend is a white fella

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 30, 2011

The ACE Visual Arts team will be steeling themselves for inevitable accusations of racism having heavily cut funding to Iniva, the Otolith Group, Third Text, Visiting Arts and the International Curators Forum (which seems to have disappeared entirely). And it does look like that there has been a policy decision across ACE to start to disinvest from “Cultural Diversity”- the made-up tag to cover arts organisations that are non-white-British focused. In Combined Arts, Rich Mix took a big hit as did the theatre group Talawa.

The interesting thing here will be to see whether ACE can be upfront about what seems like a significant policy shift. Cultural Diversity was big for them in the 1990s, particularly when David Lammy was in charge at DCMS. But prominent figures like Munira Mirza have long-knocked it for being simplistic, patronising and box-ticking. And artists such as Chris Ofili, Steve McQueen and Anish Kapoor have been overt about steering away from the topic and insisting that viewers simply look at their art-works as they would with any other artist (not easy, if you’re staring into a hellish, blue Kapoor void mind you).

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Save the arts(?)

Posted by cathedralofshit on August 26, 2010

We have just been sent some rather dated minutes from a VALS meeting. Indeed – a leaked document. We’re like SPIES.

VALS is an arts advocacy group of art pros patched together to petition the government to tell them how important the arts are. All of these people stand to lose out when the cuts are imposed. Erica Boulton will be fucked because PR consultancy will be the first to go with budget cuts, Ralphy can’t sell tickets (a quote from an emailed comment on his programme: “Ralph’s painfully populist program is failing to deliver paying audiences as British audiences aren’t as stupid as Americans and know when they’re being patronised”). JPJ has courted the private sector so extensively to pay her and HUO’s 100k+ salaries and annual tea-party pavilion that the government has probably realised they can accommodate the cuts fairly easily. God forbid they cauterise Julia’s champers fund.

The minutes we were sent were such an embarrassing insight into whose hands the attempt to stifle cuts are in (though, to be fair, some of the more useful members of the group were absent) at first we didn’t dare print it. And, unusually diplomatically of us, we didn’t want to stymie potential saving the arts attempts. We’re the first to agree that something has to be done, but really, well, we think we may be screwed.
Leaving disaster aversion of the future of the arts in the hands of Julia Peyton Jones, Ekow Eshun and Erica Bolton may not bode well for us all.

Now, thanks to the release of David Shrigley’s animation (more on this later, next post), encouraging us to sign this petition and save the arts, we thought we’d publish them.
God help us all.

VALS Advocacy Working Group
16 July 2010 – Southbank Centre Offices

Attendees: Erica Bolton, Julia Peyton Jones, Ralph Rugoff, Luisa Summers (minutes)
Apologies: Iwona Blazwick, Ekow Eshun, Jonathan Harvey, Matthew Slotover, Polly Staple

Ralph Rugoff was pleased to welcome Erica Bolton to the VALS Advocacy Group discussions.

Erica Bolton gave a brief overview on the new government and the implications of the suggested cuts. It is realistic for the Culture sector to accept cuts of 10% or at worst 15% but cuts of suggested 25-30% would mean closure of arts organisations. [CoS: this is before the news came that we are looking at more like 40% cuts].

EB stressed that an appeal against cuts needed to be made directly to David and Samantha Cameron. Both David Cameron and Nick Klegg [CoS: Klegg?! Typo lol.] have children and will be more sympathetic towards Arts. [CoS: ?! WHAT?!]

Following discussions from the previous Advocacy meeting regarding a quick turnaround project conversation resumed:

Timings for quick turnaround project –

EB explained that the allocation of funding for DCMS will be decided by September 2010 and announced on 22 October 2010. It is important to continue with the appeal against cuts in an attempt to influence DCMS’ decision of how to allocate money between Arts, Sport, Media and Tourism.

Ideas –

1. 20 Leading Artists appeal to the Prime Minister (this could be Visual Artists only).
– Press would love this.
– Actors and Actresses could be invited, including: Stephen Fry, Ian McKellen, Judy Dench, Helen Mirren, David Tennant (for wide public appeal).
– Artists who could be invited, including: David Hockney, Anish Kapoor, Bridget Riley, Lucian Freud.

2. Personal emails to Samantha Cameron from top visual artists. [CoS: Dear Sam. I love your notebooks. Please save our arts].

3. Day of Action (Cross London Event idea)

4. Childrens’ Art Sleepover
– One night of sleepovers for children in every major art organisation.
– Volunteers to run these nights as service to the public
– Creates great press coverage
[CoS: this is great. We have visions of HUO shepherding twenty angry London teens around the park at 2am trying to confiscate their bottles of vodka]

5. Artists Petition No. 10
– An overnight vigil by artists outside No. 10 [CoS: Count us IN. We love a vigil. We’ve got our sleeping bags at the ready. Just say the word and we’ll all be there]

6. Business People
– Business people and entrepreneurs to send emails and petition on behalf of arts.

Slogan –

A slogan is needed for the appeal like ‘Cut us but don’t kill us’. EB suggested inviting Tim Delaney and John Heggarty to a session to help formulate this.
The slogan is for the public and not the government.

Areas to promote in campaigns –

1. Britain is rubbish at football, tennis, most things . . . [CoS: see next post on Shrigley film.]
2. Art & Culture is what Britain does best . . .
3. The fear factor . . . Britain would lose its world-leading position in the cultural field after radical cuts to the arts.

Series of Campaigns with Artists – leading to actions

David Shrigley Film – Looking at the David Shrigley Pringle advert, the group decided to approach him to make an animated advocacy film for the arts, designed to arouse public opposition to radical cuts to the arts.

Action – Julia Peyton Jones called David Shrigley during the meeting and left a message. JPJ to follow up with DS re: film. [Cos: Can you visualise her ‘in meeting enthusiasm’? I’ll ring him NOW! Poor Shrigley]

Alison Jackson image – an idea of the Tories as the new Puritans. Cameron turning into Cromwell. Possible poster ideas.

Action – Erica Bolton to contact Alison Jackson with this idea. AJ to create a campaign.

Mark Wallinger advert and billboards – Mark Wallinger to create an advert and billboard campaign, possibly working with TBWA Ad Agency who Matthew Slotover has approached..

Action – Ralph Rugoff to contact Mark Wallinger about campaign.

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Bum bum bum bum buum buuum baaaaaaah!!!!!

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 5, 2010

That was a trumpeted fanfare of course.

Despite just seven months of talking shit, making things up and taking the piss out of Anthony Gormley and Anish Kapoor, we’ve hit the 50,000 visits mark. How about that, eh? Isn’t it time we were paid by some ad exec to casually mention how much we enjoy Hob Nobs or Topshop or Wilkinson Gallery or something? We’re pretty cheap you know?

Anyway, we’ll be celebrating our phenomenal and unprecedented success by running a poll or two. Feel free, in the spirit of election polling, to send in your contributions, and let’s see if we can establish who’s the David Cameron of the art world?

The following topics apply – don’t forget, you can reply to us anonymously by simply using a fake name and email address. Totally anonymous.
1 Artist of the Month
2 The ‘No, Seriously…?’ Award for Artistic Bravery
3 The Press Release Award of The Month
4 The “Go Home, The Party’s Over’ Award
5 The ‘Actually, We’re Pretty Bored of Discussing That’ Award
6 The David Cameron Award For The Unique And Awful Qualities Usually Attributed To David Cameron
and finally
6 The Klaus Biesenbach Award

I look forward to your response.

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Anthony Gormley’s Giant Knackers.

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 2, 2010

News just in from a reliable source… (first time for everything).
It seems that Mr J. Deller was actually one of three contenders for the tower project in the Olympic Park with the exteemed Mr A. Gormley being the other.
In the end it was a head to head between Kapoor and Tony, who proposed a £100milion figure of himself(!) complete with lifts in his legs(!!).
Allegedly Gormers is furious he was passed over for the Kapoor Helter Skelter.

Originally Tony’s tower design only had stairs, which is of course illegal, (he wanted the general public to walk up, presumably on their knees), but of course provision had to made for disabled access and lazy-as-fuck art dealers, so lifts would have had to be put in the legs. These then would have had to ascend at an angle which made them very pricey apparently.
More amusingly to CoS is the idea of ascending in an elevator towards Anthony Gormley’s giant metal balls. Dizzy heights indeed!

If anyone has any drawings/desgns they can leak to us of said ‘sculpture’ we’d love to see them. There £8.50 in it for you (see comment on one of the previous threads).
If anyone can confirm the Anthony Gormley does indeed have giant balls, there a fiver in it for you – that’s from our own pockets.

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£19,000,000. That’s Right. 19 Million Pounds.

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 1, 2010

You know what – I’m going to say it. Don’t try and stop me, I’m going to spell it out.

Whilst the world (okay, Britain) goes doolally for the Olympics, the majority of art-fans, (particularly the art-world, who, let’s be honest, aren’t synonymous with sporting excellence) would love to see no tower at the Olympics, but instead 19 million smackers siphoned into arts organisations around the UK. There I said it.
We even wouldn’t mind if the ICA got a bit of that.

That’s for YOU Olympic Park people.

Just think what you could do with £19m…..
£190,000 for 100 British arts organisations.
1900 solo exhibitions.
237.5 artists’ monographs.
1731.2 dynamic gallery websites
380 worthy education programmes
42,222,222.2 Chunky Caramel Kitkats

Here’s that picture again. You choose – Tower or Kitkat? Tower or Kitkat?

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Big Red Swirly Object Dominates News Shocker

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 1, 2010

Isn’t the world wide interweb a great thing? Back in the day, people like the British Council would make decisions and us, the poor public, would be powerless to say anything. But now with the information superhighway, everyone can comment on things. It’s great. Yesterday was dominated by the news that Anish Kapoor is going to build a large red swirly tower in the Olympic Park. Here’s what the public think:

Over at the Evening Standard blog ‘Mark from South East London’ ponders “How about a 115 metre high statue of St. George or even “Pie Mash” to represent London instead of this £19M quids worth of rubbish?” A depressed ‘Louise from Manchester’ rambles “I wonder how many will get trampled to death or suffocate on the tube in the summer of 2012”. Whilst Health and Safety expert ‘Dave from Chertsey’ sagely notes “Don’t glance up at this monstrosity while you are driving by, you’ll end up in a pothole” – although this could be a reference to Kapoor’s Void works from the 1990s.

Meanwhile the Guardian clearly attracts a higher class of art-bloggers who use both puns AND humour. “Misshero” clevely writes, “Eiffel tower? Awful Tower, more like” (geddit?). Meanwhile ‘Zepp’ feels cheated, “Towers are meant to reach for the sky.” Finally ‘ryko25’ sums up what we’re all thinking by this stage “How are these things decided? Do we (the people) never get a say?”

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Commissioney-type Announcements II

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 31, 2010

We’re pretty shocked at the outcome regarding the competition for the Olympic Park project.
What surprising results! Especially as one of the two proposals is from a public-friendly museum stalwart and mainstream/establishment artist.

What a shame he didn’t win and the prize went to Kapoor.

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