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Probe My Ass

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 25, 2011

Inspired by the Otolith Group’s jolly wheeze of actually being a couple of artists who pretend to be an organisation in order to be classified as a Regularly Funded Organisation, our team of unpaid but stupidly posh interns have been hacking away at classified information buried deep in Arts Council England.
Okay, not really, we’ve been looking at their website. Shit isn’t it? What’s with the purple type? But aside from that pithy review of ACE website’s front end (“Dame Liz Forgan”) and back end (“Alan Davey”), we’ve found another couple of artists doing crap doodles, pretending to be a cultural organisation and coining it in! Step forward Proboscis – a fancy-sounding name for two artists: Giles Lane and Alice Angus. They are an “artist-led studio” (as opposed to say, an accountant-led studio?) who are non-profit (like 90% of most other artist’s studios) who focus on creative innovation (and other artist focus on what exactly?). But wait! “Collaboration is at the heart of our creative practice.” Great! Presumably this “collaborative spirit” is a joint bank account stashing away taxpayer’s hard-earned cash! Still, CoS doffs it hat to Proboscis and Otolith for this cunning collaborative “we’re really an organisation” ruse. We’re renaming ouselves “Rhizosupramatic Cathedral of Shit Organisation” and we’d like you all to give us 50k now.

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bald fat man blinks quickly

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 27, 2010

The blink test: blink too slow and you look like Ed Milliband talking about his sincere love for his brother; blink to fast and you look like Alan Davey trying to avoid answering for who’s responsible for spunking loads of taxpayers cash on The Public. Scroll forward to the bit in around 11:20 to hear the blustering excuses.

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Posted by cathedralofshit on September 15, 2010

So. Arts Council England have ‘inadvertently’ paid two of their National Council members Grants for the Arts…

Diran Adebayo was paid £10,165, then told to pay it back when they realised the bloomer, and told to step down two months before his end of term. The shame…
Keith Khan has been recently paid approx £30k for a Cultural Leadership Project grant.

Still, it’s only (public) money, eh? And a registered charity with a board of trustees that are supposed to have no vested interest in the financial runnings of the organisation.

Whoops! Freedom of interest request, anyone?

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