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Erectile Dysfunction (Arts Council Watch)

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 7, 2010

Last year, after spunking £500 billion on the banks, the Government thought they’d prop up ‘the Arts’ with a £40 million handout (although, at the same time they cut ACE’s budget by 10.5 million). ‘Sustain’, a brilliant new scheme, was named after a treatment for premature ejaculation.

How appropriate given that so many of the awards made over the past eight months have gone to organisations run by wankers working in newly erected capital development schemes. All made their claims to make up for revenue lost owing to the recession. None admit hopelessly flawed business plans, poor programming, hidden capital development funding shortfalls and generally weak management. ACE decided that only larger organisations were eligible because they realised that this would involve less work and also save the embarassment of yet more piss poor Lottery funded capital projects closing. So the list of shame (in the visual arts) runs as follows:

£116,000 to Ikon
“Ikon has suffered a significant drop in earned income as a result of the recession which put the programme at risk. The funds will also allow the organisation to refurbish the café to generate further income.” Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 1998

£1,200,000 to the ICA
We already wrote about their idiocy. Get your invoices in – they’re about to close!

£630,000 to Modern Art Oxford.
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2002.

£89,937 to Project Art Works.
Ever heared of them? Nope, us neither. Artist-run social work in Hastings apparently:

£370,000 to De La Warr Pavilion
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2002

£92,650 to Newlyn Art Gallery
“to maintain the development of its internationally recognised artistic programme to 2011”. Not sure their programme is recognised locally let alone internationally. Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2006

£1,453,000 to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (or ‘YSP’ as it now likes to be known)
“one of the world’s leading art galleries” apparently. “The award will enable YSP to maintain the quality of its artistic output, education and outreach work over the next two years. It will also enable it to invest in essential buildings and estates maintenance works and income generation projects”. Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2006

£140,000 to Camden Arts Centre
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2004

£170,340 to Project Space Leeds,
“to maintain the quality of its artistic exhibitions and activities” oh dear.

£155,000 to Wysing Arts Centre
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2008.

£136,778 to Cornerhouse
So much to answer for…

£500,000 to Bluecoat
“To maintain the quality of your artistic output” Yoko Ono? Oh no.
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2008

£264,500 to Grizedale
“To maintain the quality of artistic output”
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2009

£200,000 to Artangel
“To alleviate problems caused by a reduction in Channel 4 investment in future commissions.” A relationship of dubious merit anyhow which was jeopardised by Michael Morris’ iratic, bullying behaviour and that terrible Gormley/ Margate film as much as by anything else.

£233,500 to FACT
“The award will allow the organisation to maintain the the quality of artistic programmes and finance the necessary refurbishment of the shop/café” FUCT more like.
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened in 2003.

£232,000 to The Photographers Gallery.
Where and what is it these days? Anyone been? Does it even exist?

£480.000 to Whitechapel Gallery.
Major lottery funded redevelopment opened a few hours ago.

£594,000 to Nottingham Contemporary Ltd.
Major lottery funded project opened a few minutes ago.

Those rejected are quite amusing also (Spike Island twice and, do my eyes deceive me, Mrs Alex Sainsbury’s publishing hobby, Four Corners)

There were also of course lots of other deserving recipients in other art forms. Sadly even performance poetry has been hit by the economic downturn we read.

Well done to everyone involved you should be very fucking proud.

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Posted by cathedralofshit on January 8, 2010

Support the New, Now!
Or erm, not. As previously reported in the art world’s second-favourite blog, ‘Cathedral of Shit’ (we bow in front of you Anita!), the ICA’s membership is draining away despite their groovy marketing slogans. Your Support Makes A Difference!
Indeed, it does – for it might help stop the 30% job cuts which are rumoured at the venerable institution. Now this is a strange story of funding which goes straight over CoS’s bald and wrinkly head – the cash-strapped institute was bailed-out by £1.2 million from the Arts Council Sustain fund (in addition to the regular funding of just over £1.4 million it will receive this year from ACE). However, sources (i.e the disgruntled ex-staffer sitting opposite me here in Mare Street’s KFC chowing down like a grateful tramp into the “boneless special box” that CoS’s expenses extend to) hint that the Sustain Grant came with the condition of greater accessibility – in particular scrapping the day membership fee of a couple of quid to get into the bar. With this fee scrapped, membership plummeted – as the major draw of membership was paying your 30 quid for a year-long pass to late night drinking before getting on the night-bus home and sobbing continuously on the shoulder of an intense and suddenly attractive freelance curator. Brilliant! So if the grease-smeared ex-staffer in front of me is to be believed (and she looks credible to me in her bobbly hat and goatee-disguise), ACE give the ICA a load of cash whilst simultaneously blowing the back doors down of their membership scheme. Genius! Well done, ACE! Top strategy again. What next? Getting rid of all your experts so you can process funding applications from a call centre in Manchester, finding out that it doesn’t work and trying to hire a bunch of out of work art lecturers on the cheap to add expertise? Oops, already done that!
Happy New Year everyone, I’m off for pudding at Metropolis, Hackney’s finest real-ale pub – can anyone lend me 20 quid for a ‘dance’?

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