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Posted by cathedralofshit on February 11, 2011

Oooh Ben Lewis! He’s a bit Louis Theroux, he’s a bit Matt Collings, he’s a bit Jarvis Cocker! Oh, all right, he’s a terrible wanker. What’s with the Beeb? Do those nosed-up tits in White City or Manchester or wherever the fuck they’ve been shipped off to think that the great unwashed public wants to see lots of hand-held camera shots and swooping zooms of a geeky bloke who you’d like to headbutt cracking cod one-liners about art? Well clearly they do because they’ve made it!

Ben’s ironic and brilliant but sometimes thoughtful and sometimes even a bit melancholic. But not for long – usually he’s just Ben! There’s some great music riffs to jazz these whacky “I’m just Ben thinking about art” bits up (“Mr Big Stuff! Who d’ya think you are?!”). And there’s lots of crazy font – check out Sandy Nairne’s name in zany type! Or Chris Burden’s! He shot himself! He’s nuts! Of course there’s also Ben’s serious stuff – that’s when the camera stays still and he goes all low and sing-songey. Those bits made me go weak at the knees and want to pleasure myself. Or Ben. Or both of us whilst wearing his lovely scarf. We love it when Ben potters around in his ironic camouflage jacket mulling over things that are “cunning”, “clever” and “controversial”. Think of another word beginning with “C” Ben! He’s the future! Yay! We love Ben.

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