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One Night in Turin

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 8, 2010

Reports in from this year’s Artissima curated (sorry, directed) by Francesco Manacorda… seems it went pretty well. That’s right, we can be nice. Strong works reported in programmes curated by the likes of Anthony Huberman and LUX and, err, some other people…

Winner of the Illy prize selected by Ann Demeester, Richard Flood, Polly Staple and Adam Szymczyk was Melanie Gilligan, who wins 10k and some coffee. Not really, she gets no coffee. She does get “the opportunity to submit a design for the “Illy Art Collection” of coffee cups designed by leading artists”.

Winner of the stand prize was fair newcomer catchily-named RaebervonStenglin with a booth by Karsten Födinger and Alexander Wagner.

Winner of most disappointing exhibition – the miserable Douglas Gordon and Jonathan Monk’s ‘bar’ at Galeria Sonia Rosso, which served only warm Guinness at a snail’s pace. At least they got one aspect of British service culture right – they seemed thoroughly inconvenienced by every customer.

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Posted by cathedralofshit on September 24, 2010

Hurrah for the crisis in late global capitalism! In the bad old days art fairs would just spunk loads of cash on flying collectors out, putting them up at hotels and hiring dwarves with plates of nose-up on their heads to service them. But these days fairs are having to pull all sorts of crazy stunts – take Artissima for example who have gone hog-wild and put a curator in charge – Francesco Manacorda, late of the Barbican. And the result? Free newspapers and crazily-long adverts in the style of late 1990s cultural theory-pap. A 3-pager just appeared knowingly titled “Advertorial” styled like a groovily retro newspaper. Instead of the usual lists of things, like which galleries and artists are showing, we were delighted to read the following titbits:

“The aim of ARTISSIMA’S curatorial programme is to offer a space in which current cross-fertilisation between art forms can be put to the test….the programme borrows its title directly from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Poesia in forma di rosa (Poetry in the Shape of a Rose), the book that marked his return to poetry following the success of his early films” (we have no idea what this is about but we think its about Francesco’s “mutually agreed” departure from the Barbican)


“Just as the interchange between various disciplines is the theme of the curatorial programme, so the interaction between different periods is explored through the juxtaposition of works from various times” (this translates as there will be a large number of unsold works from gallery shows over the last 4 years plus a few new daubings from recent graduates”)


“Both the trade event and the curatorial programme have as their focus the theme of advanced experimentals, which, by its nature, incorporates the possibility of making mistakes as a condition for inventing new ways of creating meaning” (which roughly means: sorry gallerists, you’re not going to make any sales but that will be 25,000 euros for your stand please!)


Gallerists who are going – we salute for for this noble act of commercial self-sacrifice all in aid of a marvelous curatorial venture!

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