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Some stuff that happened.

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 1, 2010

Hi. Sorry to have been a little slow of late. We all got a variant of swine-flu. A type described as ‘latent, slow-moving and often dormant’ – frighteningly in keeping with our blogging. Morale sure is low here in the CoS offices.

News in from a mole at Haunch of Venison has informed us that Harry Blain and Graham Southern are jumping ship from Haunch of Venison. The gallery is also heading back to its original home in early 2011. What will happen to what was the Museum of Mankind is yet to be mentioned anywhere.

Our chirpy insider also added; “every minute I have to spend in this place makes me want to die”.

We, here at CoS are very excited. Who will they reopen with? We’re hoping Bill Viola or Rina Banerjee. Or both. A collaborative show.
What a dream.

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