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Bomber Harris Lieberman

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 27, 2010

Jessie Harris, of New York also-rans Harris Lieberman, is, we are told, very proud of her Great Grandfather Sir Arthur Travers Harris, aka ‘Bomber Harris’, Air Chief Marshall during the Second World War.
A bit of background; it was Harris who decided that ‘precision’ bombing wasn’t working and that the allied air forces should shift to ‘area’ bombing – that meant not just bombing military and industrial sites but bombing everything. Once, when stopped for speeding, a policeman warned him that he might kill someone to which Harris replied: ‘Young man, I kill thousands of people every night.’ In 1945 Harris ordered the phosphorus bombing of Dresden where tens of thousands were burnt alive in the resulting firestorm (mainly women, children and old men fleeing the invading Red Army, some 80 miles away). He was also responsible for the destruction of Cologne, Darmstadt, Dresden, Hamburg, Kassel, Pforzheim etc etc and for as many as 400,000 civilian deaths (not forgetting 55,573 of his own hapless flight crews).

Many people consider Sir Arthur Harris to be a war criminal.

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