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“skin” and “fruit”, are entirely unmemorable unless they combine into something that makes sense, like “fruit salad”

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 12, 2010

It’s not easy being Pulitzer Prize winning writer Sarah Thornton. After the heady success of “Seven Years in Victoria Miro’s private upstairs gallery” (translated into 104 languages and available sale or return £20 for 20 direct from the author), Thornton now pens her thoughts on arts for The Economist. This issue we learn that Sarah has been confused by Armory week. Not only are there lots of fairs, the Armory doesn’t take place in the Armory Building. Instead the ADAA takes place there and the Armory takes place on two cold and badly-laid out piers in the Hudson River. This is news indeed. Then our dear author is confused by ‘The Independent’ which she notes is not easy to google – alas putting a downer on Sarah’s main form of research. By word of mouth, she finds it! Hurrah! She likes the “non-title” of the Whitney Biennial which is called “2010”. However our sage thinks that the ‘New Museum’ might be sunk as the name of the museum is “fatally generic” as her taxi driver can’t find it. But most importantly she is saddened by the title of the New Museum show ‘Skin Fruit’. As a prize-winning author Ms Thornton passes on the observation that “two unconnected nouns, such as “skin” and “fruit” are entirely unmemorable.” Indeed, we say. A bit like “social-anthropologist” and “ligger”. Or “cash” and “I’ll do anything for” (is that a noun, editor?).

See it and weep here.

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Independence Day

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 9, 2010

Rumours surrounding problems at this years new Darren Flook and Elizabeth Dee conception ‘Independent’ range from tales of lack of money, and in-house disagreements. However, this may be scurrilous rumour-mongering from galleries still participating at the Armory. Is NY’s premier art fair losing its mojo?
According to many art dealers, yes… upscale galleries such as Blum and Poe, Tanya Bonakdar, Metro Pictures, Friedrich Petzel, and David Zwirner, all staples from the time when Colin De Land was steering the ship, have all migrated to ADAA, and the Armory hasn’t gotten any cheaper. Even established galleries chose to take part in the 2008 Dark Fair rather than participate in the depressing buildings that make up Piers 92 and 94.

In the words of one participating dealer – “who wants to go to a trade fair in a recession? Depressing. Spend less money, show art in a space that was actually designed for that, and feel good about the fact that you’re doing something new”.

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