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Posted by cathedralofshit on April 1, 2010

Thanking you your emails. Our inbox is bursting with 10 – 12 emails all from this last month. INCREDIBLE.
Here are the answers to your questions. I’m sure you can work out which answer is for you.

1) 35,000 views as of today. Not bad eh? If we actually had any real information we’d be a danger.
2) A whole team. Based in Homerton and Milton Keynes, the UK’s art epicentres.
3) Of all the people you have suggested, yes, one is right.
4) Simon Popper, Jasper Joffe, Eva Berendes, Ed Lipski, Mona Hatoum and Susan Collis, in that order.
5) Around 20 – 30, depending on the weather.
6) Strictly handbag house. Well, and Gerry Rafferty.
7) Around another 3 – 4 months.
8 ) Full-time
9) Artforum’s Scene and Herd.
10) No fucking way. In your wildest dreams my foul-mouthed friend.

Thanks. Happy Easter.

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Quizmasters and Debaters

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 30, 2010

Now that people have stopped buying art and everyone’s realised that biennials are all the same, the art world is at a bit of a loose end. Hence the sudden increase in back-slapping, aren’t-we-all-so-brilliant-and-funny quizzes and debates.
First up was Matthew Collings’ annual art-quiz at the Groucho that took place a couple of weeks ago where apparently our quizmaster dreamt up mad questions combining his own idiosyncratic take on art history with his even more idiosyncratic take on contemporary art. ‘Apparently’ because the CoS team was inadvertently not invited. But we were lurking in the audience at the Saatchi Gallery yesterday where Collings tore into Matthew Slotover in a public school-stylee debate on whether art fairs were a good thing or not. Richard Wentworth wore banknotes on his shirt and asked peculiar-rhetorical questions whilst rubbing twigs together. Jasper Joffe talked movingly about his lack of ambition or success. We think Mr Collings might have been annoyed because his role as artworld quizmaster was usurped by the louche and naughty Simon de Pury – everyone’s favourite bad uncle.
But even his position might be under threat as two unnamed Frieze art fair hackettes are doing some East End version of art quiz in Bistrotheque. They’ve already sent out a weird threatening/pleading email to their art world ‘friends’ making it clear that they’re not in it for the money but if everyone could send them a tenner by return of post, they too can be part of the jolly quiz-grouping and could you strictly not tell anyone else about the quiz or it would spoil it. Not that this sounds like a Nigerian lottery scam or anything, honest.

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