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The Colonel

Posted by cathedralofshit on December 13, 2009

That self-appointed ‘insider’s insider’ Josh Baer is at it again in his invaluable round-robin ‘The Baer Faxt’. After some interminable dirgeful crap masking as market-analysis, Baer reveals to his stunned audience: “I gave a talk last week on “Ten Things You Should Know About Buying Art.””. He then gives his lucky lucky readers a short summary of this prize-winning lecture which includes his useful point: “Buying Art is like buying a car – you lose value the first mile”. Which makes us think that Josh Baer isn’t really Josh Baer, the jovially rotund Colonel Sanders figure so lavishly illustrated in Sarah Thornton’s award-winning novel “Art: My Friends and Me” BUT in fact Swiss Tony, the comedy figure from The Fast Show.
Firstly remember Swiss Tony’s advice: “Washing a car, is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You’ve got to caress the bodywork. Breathe softly and gently. And give it every inch of your loving attention. And make sure you’ve got a nice wet sponge.” Secondly, look at the three photographs carefully and think again art lover!

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Baer faced-cheek

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 11, 2009

Is it just us being ungenerous and mean-spirited or does anyone else out there think that Josh Baer’s ‘Baerfaxt’ manages to strike the critical nexus of managing to be boring, fawning to collectors and dealers, and simultaneously self-serving all at the same time? This week’s issue features the sad deaths of some art collectors (we say, gun the fuckers down!), the happy births of some art progeny (no doubt to inherit mummy’s gallery in 20 years and run it into the ground) and a plug for an upcoming recommended art talk in Miami: ““Ten Things you should know about buying art,” by Josh Baer at Art Basel Miami Beach on Dec 5″. So that would be the Josh Baer who writes the email circular that”s erm, named after himself? Ah, sweet. Still at least he features heavily in Cathedral of Shit’s favourite art book of all time, Sarah Thornton’s ‘Seven Days About Me and My Chums in the Artworld’ so he can’t be all bad! Baerfuxt we say! 

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