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Elephant Spunk

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 31, 2010

Here at Cathedral of Shit we love celebrities doing charitable things for poor people and animals. So we say YES to Lindsay Lohan saving trafficked children in India.
And we say YES to the great exhibition of elephant sculptures about to descend on London streets in aid of the (wait for it!) elephant. There are some REALLY GREAT artists involved who have decorated the elephants: Mark Quinn, Graeme Le Saux, Jack Vettriano, Harland Miller, Tommy Hilfiger, Jitish Kallat, Sir Paul Smith, HRH Ranjit Singh Gazewad, Storm Thorgenson, Nicky Haslam, HRH Prince Michael of Kent and Mr Spunky (I kid you not).
DO SAY: isn’t this just totally fucking marvelous and Mark Quinn’s career is really gathering pace.
DON’T SAY: this is an unnecessarily public suicide-note for the careers of any of the semi-serious artists involved (that would be Mr Spunky!).
Save the elephant! And the rhino while we’re at it! And the ICA!

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