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Out Of O(ri)fice Autoreply

Posted by cathedralofshit on August 6, 2010

We’ve got that Friday Feeling as copyrighted by the Cadbury’s ‘Crunchie’. The CoS office is like a carnival. There’s dancing and the potentially hazardous over-consumption of Malibu and pineapple juice before the lunching hour.
As the art world breaks up for the summer, off to sunnier climes, CoS are backpacking together in Thailand for a few weeks, retracing the route Leo DiCaprio took in The Beach.

By the time we return, before we’ve had a chance to get over our summer romances and gut-rot, cuts to the arts in the UK may be so severe we’ll be forced to possibly all get a proper job.
In a commercial gallery or something.

We leave you with some random top of the pops since the beginning of 2010.

Best/worst artists:
Alice Neel – ugly, boho, amateurish, retrograde nonsense. And may times can the Whitechapel mention ‘Warhol’ in the wall texts?
Christian Boltanski – he has an archive of 35,000 heartbeats. Not mine. It stopped when I saw his work.
Marc Quinn – to be mentioned in every ‘worst artist’ list until our or his death, whichever comes first. Ours probably, self-inflicted, if we ever have to see one of those giant transgendered paperweights again.

Most ridiculous use of production funds:
Yinka Shonibare – it’s a big slave ship in a bottle with African fabrics as sails – get it? Awesome.
No Soul For Sale – what’s that you say? NO production funds? Oh. In that case…

Most ridiculous use of no production funds:
No Soul For Sale
Pumphouse Gallery

Gayest of the gay art mafia:
Thomas Houseago

Award for the biggest art ligger/hanger on:
A group prize for the Royal College Curating course
Ooh. This is too easy isn’t it? Send in your nominations via the comments please. (You can do this anonymously).

The Award for ‘I am actually, underneath my art credentials, a frightening Tory”

The “What Were You Thinking?” Award:
The Board of the ICA…”well, he ran the Virgin in-flight magazine… he must be qualified”. Genius.
The Board of the ICA… “he’s young, he’s energetic… we can maybe push him around a bit”. Genius.

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Our Souls For Sale

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 19, 2010

We’ve been rather slow on the uptake to report on No Soul for Sale, but needless to say we did pootle along, drink a little too much overpriced beer and knocked tipsily into more than enough ‘art’ on the stands of confused and tired looking not for profit organisation ‘directors’ (not-for-profit/not-for-fun). Everyone we spoke to simply didn’t know exactly what they were doing there, and more than a few whinges were about the lack of support -not just financially, but in general.
Well. Cathedral of Shit says – GROW A PAIR. Because it could be the only time in the very near future many of you are going to get your stickers and bits of paper and crayon drawings and pieces of cardboard into Tate. Right?

Well, okay. A bunch of organisations we quite like were there, doing the ‘right thing’. Well done you guys, your souls are still indeed intact. We did also half enjoy the slightly incomprehensible ramblings of Long Meg, a band seemingly made up of eight people who met on the tube last night and haven’t made it home yet. Jeffrey Lewis made us want to dress up as goths or glam rockers or anything to disassociate ourselves from alt/un/anit-folk, or whatever the fuck you want to call his mind-numbing sixth-form drivel. Oh, and Martin Creed did that shouty 1-2-3 thing again. Which, we quite like. Our favourite number is 6. Email your favourite number in to win a special prize (a Jeffrey Lewis CD).

Anyway, bed now as we are off down Brick Lane market early to see how much we can get for four slightly soiled souls, not many miles on the clock, one careful lady owner. Any offers?

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