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You’ll Never Work In This Town Again

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 25, 2010

Oh. In case you didn’t know, Sladen has left the building. Did he jump or was he pushed? We guess at “mutual consent” (ie pushed to temporarily protect the real problem upstairs). That said he employed a lot of freelancers and delegated rather more than he might have… but he’s lasted a long time under Eshun. Good Luck Mark…

Meanwhile the ICA thinks it’s found a brilliant way to solve their financial problems.
They’ll need to sell 32 and a half Matt Mullican posters… erm, prints… before they break even and start to pay Ekow’s salary for March. We think that Phil Collins’ somewhat prophetically titled work from the series “you’ll never work in this town again” might be a better seller at £150 only they’ll need to sell forty six and a half of those before they make any inroads.

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