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Posted by cathedralofshit on April 21, 2011

Let no one say Jay Jopling’s squeeze Rachael Barrett is hiding behind her man — this is a girl with a “full-circle cultural zeitgeist” of her own. (Get it? Cubes? Circles? Cute, no?). And lucky thing for Jay, for without her, who else could provide fair and balanced reporting on the many outstanding artistic endeavours one can see all over London, just by going to one of the White Cubes?

I, for one, am glad that someone has been brave enough to end the “critical radio silence” that had hitherto blanketed Masons Yard, where New Order “may be classified as one of the great group shows of the year.” Meanwhile, over at Hoxton Square, where she’ll “try hard not to show any bias, after meeting the artist [or sleeping with the owner of the gallery],” Friedrich Kunath gets “ten out of ten in my books for achieving that rare synergy of providing both a critically sound and playfully enjoyable cultural experience.”

Stay on the edge of your seats for May, kids. Who can guess if the Baselitz show is going to fly or flop?

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