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My Life in Art

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 13, 2011

Haroon Mirza has a touring ‘mid-career retrospective’ coming up later this year organised by Camden Arts Centre. He left Chelsea MA in 2007. That’s akin to 22 year old footballers and glamour models who publish autobiographies. If he’s ‘mid-career’ does that mean he’ll retire in 2015? Anyone remember Ryan Gander or Tris Vonna Michell? Nope, thought not!

We’re not posting later as we’re off picking up our ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards”…

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Manifestation 8

Posted by cathedralofshit on July 5, 2010

Manifesta 8 will open in Murcia, Spain in a couple of months. Great to see that is will be ‘in dialogue with northern Africa.’ This small region of Spain is going to be chatting to a mere 180,000,000 people in just seven countries. A brilliant idea that will no doubt solve many of the region’s problems with unequal distributions of wealth and resultant issues with economic migrancy – just how Manifesta 6 solved so much in Cyprus. Good also that they’re showing solidarity with the unions: “Out of respect for the General Strike…Manifesta 8 has decided to postpone its date of Opening”.
On the curators’ research trip to London at the beginning of the year, they stated that they wanted to show new and unexpected things. CoS was very pleased to see so many unknown British artists on the list: Melanie Gilligan, Otolith Group, Pablo Bronstein, Ryan Gander, Tris Vonna-Michell and Willie Doherty.

Nope, we’ve never heard of any of them.

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Banana Balls

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 11, 2010

Just as power cuts and cold snaps result in an explosion in the birth rate nine months later so, it seems, so do downturns in the art market. Staying in and drinking cocoa rather than going out and indulging works wonders for the sperm-count.

Congratulations to Darren Flook and Christabel Stewart, Ryan Gander and Rebecca May Marston, Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal, David Kordansky, Matthew Darbyshire, Emily Pethick and Nils Norman, Catherine Wood (number two on the way), Jimi Lee and (!)Stuart Comer who have either spawned recently or are about to.
Stuart Comer’s baby mother is said to be the heir to a banana billionaire’s billions.

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The Square Route of Success.

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 10, 2009

Artists! Sick of being continually ignored by that high-priest of art criticism, Adrian Searle? Tired of never appearing in The Guardian and being able to tell your mum that you’ve made it? Well fear no more, Cathedral of Shit has been doing some complex logarithms and has worked out the secret formula to a guaranteed bit of Searle-o Guardian-o coverage….wait for it…..YES! Simply put Adrian Searle in an art work of yours and coverage is guaranteed. It worked back in the day in 2000 when Jemima Stehli took off all her clothes for Adrian:

And it worked this year for Ryan Gander who put our beloved Adrian in a row of everyday punters looking at works at the Frieze Art Fair (erm so that would be everyday punters like Sir Nicholas Serota, a few Tate curators and the ladies from Outset…always good to hedge your bets!)

Ah, who said that artistic/critical/curatorial integrity was dead, buried and pissed on from a great height?

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Top Five of the Week

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 29, 2009

Welcome to Tuesday’s Top Five:

This week: Overrated Artists!

Here’s ours.

1) Karla Black
2) Seth Price
3) Ryan Gander
4) Tris Vonna-Michell
5) Katja Strunz
6) Tomma Abts

Wow. Now we’ve started we can’t stop. Top five becomes six. Ah well. We’ve also realised that list looks like a group show we’d probably go and see. Well, such is life, contradictions and hypocrisy.

Send your additions to
Not applicable are artists who are a) just more successful than you, or b) just twats.

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