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Out Of O(ri)fice Autoreply

Posted by cathedralofshit on August 6, 2010

We’ve got that Friday Feeling as copyrighted by the Cadbury’s ‘Crunchie’. The CoS office is like a carnival. There’s dancing and the potentially hazardous over-consumption of Malibu and pineapple juice before the lunching hour.
As the art world breaks up for the summer, off to sunnier climes, CoS are backpacking together in Thailand for a few weeks, retracing the route Leo DiCaprio took in The Beach.

By the time we return, before we’ve had a chance to get over our summer romances and gut-rot, cuts to the arts in the UK may be so severe we’ll be forced to possibly all get a proper job.
In a commercial gallery or something.

We leave you with some random top of the pops since the beginning of 2010.

Best/worst artists:
Alice Neel – ugly, boho, amateurish, retrograde nonsense. And may times can the Whitechapel mention ‘Warhol’ in the wall texts?
Christian Boltanski – he has an archive of 35,000 heartbeats. Not mine. It stopped when I saw his work.
Marc Quinn – to be mentioned in every ‘worst artist’ list until our or his death, whichever comes first. Ours probably, self-inflicted, if we ever have to see one of those giant transgendered paperweights again.

Most ridiculous use of production funds:
Yinka Shonibare – it’s a big slave ship in a bottle with African fabrics as sails – get it? Awesome.
No Soul For Sale – what’s that you say? NO production funds? Oh. In that case…

Most ridiculous use of no production funds:
No Soul For Sale
Pumphouse Gallery

Gayest of the gay art mafia:
Thomas Houseago

Award for the biggest art ligger/hanger on:
A group prize for the Royal College Curating course
Ooh. This is too easy isn’t it? Send in your nominations via the comments please. (You can do this anonymously).

The Award for ‘I am actually, underneath my art credentials, a frightening Tory”

The “What Were You Thinking?” Award:
The Board of the ICA…”well, he ran the Virgin in-flight magazine… he must be qualified”. Genius.
The Board of the ICA… “he’s young, he’s energetic… we can maybe push him around a bit”. Genius.

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(Scottish) Arts Council Watch…

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 28, 2010

Must be nice being a commercial gallery in Scotland.. cheap rents and some nice hand outs from the Scottish Government. Whilst government funded galleries struggle to pay rents and staff, The Modern Institute – who represent such artists as Urs Fischer, Thomas Houseago, Anselm Reyle and Katja Strunz – are receiving grants to attend art fairs.
We also look forward to seeing their ‘dynamic’ website that has been awarded £10,497 – what a wonderful resource for the people of Scotland and beyond.

Some highlights from 2009:

Sorcha Dallas Contemporary Art Limited
£10,000.00 Towards the cost of appointing a Development Manager to assist the organisation in its strategic development.

Sorcha Dallas Contemporary Art Limited
£3,000.00 Towards the cost of supporting commercial contemporary art galleries to research and develop new international markets.

Sorcha Dallas Contemporary Art Ltd
£17,500.00 Towards the cost of 2 key
international Art Fairs – Liste and Frieze.

Mary Mary Gallery
£3,000.00 Towards the cost of supporting
commercial contemporary art galleries to research and develop new international markets.

Mary Mary Gallery
£17,530.00 Towards the cost of attending a series of art fairs both in the UK and internationally.

Toby Webster Ltd
£15,000.00 Towards the cost of a gallery presentation at four International Art Fairs.

Toby Webster Ltd
£10,497.00 Towards creating a dynamic website with full access to the Modern Institute’s archive of exhibitions, artists and projects.

Toby Webster Ltd
£6,000.00 Towards the cost of a series of publications by early career artists, Andrew Kerr and Hayley Tompkins.

Ingleby Gallery
£3,000.00 Towards the cost of the gallery’s attendance at Frieze Art Fair, London in October 2009.

Ingleby Gallery
£3,000.00 Towards the cost of a book to support and celebrate a new body of work by Callum Innes.

£5,000.00 Towards the cost of funding the research and development of a new 126mm film by Nashashibi / Skaer.

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