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Posted by cathedralofshit on April 21, 2010

Okay. We were somewhat lazy in our report, but I’ve a full time job at Percy Ingle in Hackney and sometimes I have to update this on my LG smartphone in the back of the shop whilst pretending to check on the sausage rolls.

One story of the weekend was the continued bad behaviour of Swiss installation artist Mike Nelson Christoph Büchel. Rapidly becoming known as the most difficult artist in Europe to work with, Büchel allegedly threw a chair, a curator, a fax machine, five Bic biros, a Sony cube monitor and an intern’s lunch out of the window in a half-arsed Keith Richards moment. Unfortunately the exhibition is less “Let It Bleed” and more “Undercover“.

In other news, Jim Lambie has a fan. Though calling 46 year old Kaoru Motomiya a fan might be something of an understatement.
“No one seems sure as to whether it started after she came to Scotland or whether she may have come here because of Lambie.”
We’d like to actively encourage more art-world stalkers (not the maiming/murdering kind, just the hide-in-the-bushes kind). Have you stalked an artist before? Ever hidden behind Enrico David’s bins? Watched Richard Wentworth in Waitrose? Jogged behind Sally O’Reilly on the treadmill? Sent anonymous love-letters to Jay Jopling? I know! We have too! Let us know at
Best stalker wins a set of binoculars and a subscription to Flash Art.

[Thanks to you know who you are].

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Oh Flower of Scotland….

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 20, 2010

So, we made it up to Glasgow in our specially-rented veal cattle transporter art bus, picked up a special press pack and thought “fuck it” and went to Edinburgh instead. What a lovely city.

We heard that all was as expected. In art news, Jim Lambie made some shiny brightly-coloured stuff, some students nailed some angular forms together, CCA is still a bit of a lame duck and Douglas Gordon’s ’24 Hour Psycho’ is still running at Tramway.
In party news, apparently at the Modern Institute dinner St John gave their menu a Glasgow twist by deep frying each course and only serving a choice of Buckfast or Tennants, Kitty Anderson got drunk, the Modern Institute all got drunk, Optimo played a record 83 times over 3 days, and the police attended (a couple of times, but not for Kitty).

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